General Plastering


Plastering can be internal or external (often referred to as render) using either British Gypsum plaster products ranging from base plaster to finish and sand and cement mixes and or lime plaster.


Surfaces are sealed with an appropriate sealant to improve adhesion and (in some cases) to avoid contact of non-complimentary products e.g. gypsum plaster/lime plaster based products.


Walls and/or ceilings can often need repairing which can be achieved with the application of base plasters/tapes/boards.


The base plaster used will depend on the surface it is being applied to – in most buildings, generally a Bonding plaster or Hardwall plaster is used as a base and then a multi-finish plaster is used to give the fine/smooth finish ready for painting.


At ShaunPaul we recommend which type of base plaster is appropriate and what additional preparation is required as part of our discussion with you to ensure your needs are fully met and that the finish you are left with is the best possible.


Some surfaces can be boarded and skimmed with multi-finish including creating new spaces e.g. wardrobes or rooms by partitioning them off with wooden frames and fixing plaster board to these and then skimming the boards with a multi-finish plaster.


Many jobs involve a mixture of old and new surfaces which can be blended together to create a modern fresh finish to improve your home and/or workspace.


For perfection I strive, satisfaction I assure and an honest, reliable and professional service I guarantee everytime.

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